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Tracking Pwo Chadd Paishon on Hikianalia's Maiden Voyage to Hawaiʻi 2012

Pwo Chadd Paishon, our greatly loved uncle and captain of Makaliʻi is currently sailing Hikianalia home to Hawaiʻi from Tahiti. Here are his updates from onboard Hikianalia. For more information about Hikianalia and the World Wide voyage please visit

Uncle Chadd's Report: Wednesday Nov. 7, 2012 @ 12:39pm

Aloha mai kakou,
Please let everyone know that we have seen and felt your the
crew have learned Malana mai they are humbled to know of the out pouring
of aloha for all of us on this journey to bring home the newest member
of the ohana wa'a, Hikianalia. Last night we were able to see the star
for which she is named after and will soon see her companion Hokule'a.
We have also been blessed by the rainbow, rains and 2 iwa each morning
along the way.

Can you tell me what very large geographic feature is on our island that we might be able to see from a distance?

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Uncle Chadd's Report: Monday, November 5, 2012 @10:37am

Mahalo nui to all of the students crew, kumu and community members that will join me for sunrise protocol...We feel your support and aloha overwhelmingly.
Mahalo nui for sending aloha also to La`amaomao for his ipu walua...

We are all doing well and look forward to moving from Kanaloa to Kane in a few days.

Love to all of you....keep the questions coming!

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Uncle Chaddʻs Report: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 @ 9:29pm

Chadd and Maka Planting - Tahiti October 2012Iorana 'ohana.

We were ready for the day at 3am this morning as our sail plan called for us to depart Mo`orea at 4am bound for Pape`ete, Tahiti. Our last 2 days were spent sailing onboard Hikianalia and training as a crew to become familiar with this wa`a and each other. Sailing the newest member of our 'ohana has been an honor and a privilege for all of us. A few of our crew has been on Hikianalia since her first leg from Aotearoa to Tahiti and now ready themselves for the sail home to Hawai`i.

We departed Mo`orea under the light of the moon and sailed to Papeete utilizing the knowledge of the stars, our road map in the sky.

Question:  What is the name of the moon phase that we were we sailing under this morning? Hint:  Its brilliance lit up the sky from horizon to horizon.

We also observed a large planet rising just before sunrise that helped to guide our way to Pape'ete.

Question:  Do you know the name of this planet who rises at this time of year just before sunrise?

Question: Do you know the direction in which it rises? 

While under full sail to Pape'ete we were greeted by the voyaging vaka Fa`afaite of Tahiti. It was great to sail along side each other for a bit before entering Pape'ete harbor where we will be for the next 2 days. We will reprovision in Pape'ete for the voyage home and look to depart for Hilo, Hawai`i on Thursday. The time of our departure will be determined in the next day or so but stay tuned and we will be in touch.

A shout out to our crew and ohana for taking care of Makali`i during the tsunami warning, mahalo nui! Till next time 'ohana...Nana....
Crunch standing by on 72!

Uncle Chadd's report: Monday, October 29, 2012 @ 2:46am

Tracking Hikianalia, Maiden Voyage 2012Aloha Kakou -
Hikianalia sailed from Papeete this morning to Mo`orea. We will stay on Mo`orea for the next 2 days to train onboard Hikianalia than return to Papeete on Tuesday before departing for Hilo on Thursday dependent on the weather. Tonight we sit at anchor under the Mohalu moon with the wind fron Aina Malanai at 10 kts. We will look to train together to prepare ourselves for the trip home.

Student and Classroom Assignments:

1. Can you tell me the distance in miles between Papeete and Mo`orea? 

Kanu O Ka ʻĀina, Middle School's Answer: 18 miles. 10/31/12

2. In what direction on the compass is Mo`orea from Papeete and what direction does Papeete lie from Mo`orea?

Kanu O Ka ʻĀina, Middle School's Answer: Mo'orea is south east of Papeete.  Papeete is North west of Papeete. 10/31/12

3. Can you determine what house does the sun will rise and set in over in the next week?

Kanu O Ka ʻĀina, Middle School's Answer: The moon was Hoku  because  today is Mahealani.  We learned it was Hoku Palemo because the moon set just before the sun rises. 10/31/12

I look forward to your collective answers by Wednesday of this week. Good luck!
Mahalo nui for your good wishes, prayers and thoughts. As we get under way please stay tuned for more updates from me. Till the next time...Hikianalia
standing by....

Chadd Onohi Paishon

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