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Kūikawa`a Apprenticeship Program

We were given the name Nā Kālai Waʻa because our founders dedicated themselves to the process and lifestyle of waʻa, canoe, and all that this encompasses from the forest to the sea. Since the early 1990s, NKW has engaged in our process of waʻa with Mauloa traditional canoe, Makaliʻi voyaging canoe, Kānehūnāmoku sailing canoe, and Alingano Maisu voyaging canoe. We have built these canoes, we have trained our crew and ʻohana, and these crew and ʻohana have successfully completed our voyages.

In 2012-2017 we hope to repeat this process one more time, again with Makaliʻi and Mauloa through two major restoration projects. Both of these restorations are collaborative projects with Kamehameha Schools Keauhou-Kahaluʻu Education Group and the ʻohana of Keauhou-Kahaluʻu, Mauloa and Makaliʻi.

Main Objective: to grow more well-rounded and highly qualified canoe practitioners within our communities by exposing them to practitioners, mentors and experiences so that these leaders can own their practice through applied knowledge.

Main Goal: to produce highly qualified leaders from within our crew and organization to help promote the legacy of Nā Kālai Waʻa within our communitites.

Main Outcome: To produce proficient waʻa practitioners with a place to hōʻike or apply their learned knowledge.

Crew train under NKW mentors and associated ʻohana of practitioners and experts in four areas aligned with the four hālau of NKW 2012-2017 Strategic Plan: Hālau Kālai Waʻa - Vessel Construction andMike Manu at Mauloa Canoe, Makolea, Kahaluu Maintenance; Hālau Hoʻokele Waʻa - Advanced Sailing and Crew Support; Hālau Kilo Lani - Navigational Skills and Environmental Engagers; Hālau Hoʻolako Waʻa - Professional Development and Protocol Training.

This process culminates with the successful planning, implementation and completion of a long distance voyage.

Mahalo to Kamehameha Schools Keauhou-Kahaluʻu Education Group and the ʻOhana of Keauhou-Kahaluʻu and Mauloa for collaborating with this and other projects. Because of your hard work, another generation is ensured the knowledge of our kupuna.


See our Upcoming Events, every 3rd Saturday we will be holding a Kūikawa`a Crew Training/Work Day

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