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Mālama Honua World Wide Voyage

“Island Wisdom, Ocean Connections, Global Lessons” - http://hokulea.orgHōkūleʻa voyaging canoe at Pohnpei for the 2007 Kū Holo Mau Voyage

Hōkūleʻa and Hikianalia Voyaging Canoes will launch their Mālama Honua World Wide Voyage (WWV) in June 2013. The Mālama Honua WWV’s purpose is to address the global issues that face all of us from global warming to resource sustainability. These issues especially affect us who live within Ocean communities.

The mission of the WWV is to “navigate toward a healthy and sustainable future for ourselves, our home – the Hawaiian Islands – and our Island Earth through voyaging and new ways of learning. Our core message is to mālama (care for) Island Earth – our natural environment, children and all humankind” (

This voyage hopes to inspire communities around the world to think like an islander about our resources and our relationships to these resources. Here at Nā Kālai Waʻa we support this voyage because it is in direct alignment with our organizations vision: “He Waʻa He Moku, He Moku He Waʻa” (Our Island is Our Canoe, Our Canoe is Our Island). We view our islands as being no different in resource management and human and environmental relationships than those practices on the canoe. How we manage our natural resources on our island is very indicative of how we manage them on the canoe. How we manage ourselves and our human relationships on the canoe is how we manage them on the island. It places individuals in a much Makalii Voyaging Canoe as a kite in the sky - Photo by Chadd Paishondifferent paradigm of resource management. “If we view our Earth as an island, our only voyaging canoe in the sea of space, it becomes apparent that we must change course to ensure a healthy, sustainable world.” (


ʻAu I Ke Kai Me He Lupe Lā

Like kites flying high in the sky, these vessels will travel around the world, with their piko (the bitter end of their kite string) firmly secured to Hawaiʻi, their home. In this way they are able to traverse the world’s oceans while promoting Hawaiʻi culture and Island consiousness. How can you support keeping the piko secure to home? Here are some ways listed below.




Tracking the World Wide Voyage

You can track the progress of the World Wide Voyage through crew member blogs and updates by clicking the following link:

Or see the tracking map for the long distance voyages at the following link:

You can also see updated sail plans of the World Wide Voyage by clicking on the following link:

Nā Kālai Waʻa will also track our crew members and navigators through our website:


An Educational VoyagePunana Leo O Waimea students and parents work on Makalii

The Polynesian Voyaging Society is currently working on their educational plan to support the Mālama Honua World Wide Voyage.

Nā Kālai Waʻa has committed to supporting the Educational Voyage of the WWV through our Education Programs. Nā Kālai Waʻa is dedicated to work with the schools of Moku O Keawe (Hawaiʻi Island), and other schools in our statewide ʻohana to connect with the voyage through the following types of programs:

Online Tracking with Questions and Answers

Learners are invited to email questions for the captains and crew of Makaliʻi Voyaging Canoe and the Nā Kālai Waʻa ʻOhana. Questions may be emailed to

Questions and answers will also be posted at the following link:

Education Programs

Nā Kālai Waʻa offers several different types of education programs to engage learners of all ages and communities. Here is a list of the types of Educational Programs that Nā Kālai Waʻa is offering to our community to help prepare them for the WWV.

Community Presentations

Community Presentations are being hosted around the Island for the duration of the WWV. To find out about            community presentations happening near you please check out our Google Calendar:

Kohala El students learning basic knots with Makalii Crew Member Hulali Pai


You can also email us at and request to be added to our mailing list for direct email informtion about upcoming community presentations and communitites.


 Classroom Visits

Crew members of Makaliʻi and ʻOhana volunteers have already begun visiting local schools and classrooms to share the WWV with educators and their learners. To schedule a visit to your classroom please email: or call the office at 808-885-9500.

For more information on our other educational program please visit the following link:






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